online businesses you can support that are owned by or employe individuals with disabilities

Online Businesses You Can Support That are Owned by or Employ Individuals with DisAbilities

By purchasing from one of these businesses, not only are you helping put dinner on the table, but you are helping spread awareness, acceptance, and inclusion of individuals with disabilities and providing meaningful employment opportunities.     If you or someone you know with disabilities owns an online business, or employs individuals with disabilities, and you would like to be added…

BLOG: Life Skills IEP goal ideas in the area of vocation for special education.


There are endless number of life skills IEP goals out there, it’s just a matter of finding what your student and their family want to focus on.  It’s all about getting to know your student, their future goals, and collaborating with parents/caregivers on what areas they find important.  Some families have an idea of the types of goals they want…

Misconceptions, doubts, and benefits of individuals with disabilities working.

Misconceptions, Doubts, & Benefits of Individuals with Disabilities Working

When a person works, whether they are getting paid or not, there are many benefits – they might just need some patience, help, and support to get started! BENEFITS Working is good for our health and wellbeing. It builds confidence and self-esteem. In some cases – it can be financially rewarding. It keeps us busy and positively challenged. Working allows…

BLOG: Holiday Crafts for older students in special education, age appropriate and cost effective gifts


As special education students get older, it gets harder to find age appropriate crafts that are also easy enough for students to do as independently as possible.  I found myself doing a lot of prepping for crafts, which is not what we want out of a craft that students will be sending home to their parents.  No body wants a…

BLOG: Inexpensive holiday gift ideas for paraprofessionals, teachers, appreciation, with free printable tags.

Inexpensive Holiday Gifts for Paraprofessionals with FREE PRINTABLES

The holidays are upon us and this is the perfect time to show your paraprofessionals (or coworkers that you love!) how much you appreciate them. If you have upwards of 10 or more aides in your classroom or staff members you want to give gifts to, it can easily become very costly to give gifts to your team. I’ve done…

BLOG: Dollar store secret santa gift exchange for special education students visual learners

Dollar Store Secret Santa Gift Exchange

  Is your class able to take trips in the community?  Here’s the perfect holiday CBI activity and why you should do a secret santa gift exchange with your students!     Promotes kindness Age appropriate Opportunity for students to experience the gift of giving (and also receiving a gift!) Opportunity to express interests and likes/wants Opportunity to go out…

10 things every secondary special education teacher wants you to know

10 Things Every Secondary Sped Teacher Wants You To Know

1. MY STUDENTS ARE NOT DISABLED, THEY ARE DIFFERENTLY ABLED.   Get to know this person, they might surprise you in how much they can do and how much determination they have – they just need a different way to go about doing it.   2. JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE SPECIAL NEEDS, DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD LET THEM “JUST GET…

First week of school activity ideas for secondary sped classrooms.

First Week of School Activities for Secondary SPED

Whether it’s a brand new class or a majority of the same students from last year, the first week of school is always stressful and seems impossible to plan.  If you already work in SPED, you know that taking a week off (like for Spring Break) can throw your students’ routines off and create anxiety and behaviors.  So just imagine…

Key to Lock Task Box Activities for Special Education Independent Work

Key to Lock Task Box Activities

When it comes learning a concept, sometimes we need different ways to repetitively learn the concept to really understand it.  So why not make those different ways of learning fun and engaging.  What better way to feel success for getting a correct answer than to match a key which opens a lock!  There are a variety of concepts you can…

Pinecone succulent garden art project - age appropriate craft for older sped students!

Pinecone Succulent Art Project

It’s so hard to find age appropriate crafts for older students with disabilities.  Most crafts that are easy enough or don’t require a lot of steps or fine motor skills, are geared towards younger children.  Here’s a project that is not only age appropriate, but makes a great gift for many occasions!  We originally made this project for a “recycle…

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